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WhatsApp number Olga from Moscow

Autumn knocks on my windows. There are raindrops like tears on the glass… I feel lonely.. Winter throws cold snowflakes into my face. I am cold. Spring sun gives me warmth and hope. I enjoy it together with nature but still there is light sadness deep in my heart… During summer heat I do not take a vacation and continue loading myself with work… It has been going on for 2 years. If you ask me “Why?”, I will answer – “Because I am alone”… I have home, I have work, but I don’t have the main thing… I had family, love, happiness and children but nothing lasts forever… The children grew up, love disappeared and life still goes on and so I want to love and to be loved. I believe that all the best times are still ahead. As for my character, I am calm, kind, frank, sensible, humorous, romantic and faithful.

WhatsApp number Olga +7 (960) 947-01-0

WhatsApp number Tatyana from Kazan

Apart from typical feminine qualities, I am curious about all kinds of new things and I want to feel the spirit and beauty of life in everything that surrounds me and those who are close to me. I am a type of person who can value both a romantic candle light dinner and the vigor of a good tennis match. My belief is that life is precious and life with a loving person at your side is the best you can dream about. My main interests include reading, cooking, museums, arts, traveling, sea and mountains, tennis and fitness. My dream partner is a reliable man with an active lifestyle, someone sympathetic and family-oriented, someone I can trust and who will be able to make me feel loved, cared for and secure. Once I know my partner can give me all this, I will never fail to give him the same in return. I do not need a person to live with, I need a man I cannot live without.


WhatsApp number Tatyana +7 (926) 316-49-1

WhatsApp number Elena from Krasnodar

I am a cheerful, merry and energetic lady. I am free of bad habits and prejudices. I am an optimist in life. I believe that luck and happiness will wait for me in future. My friends consider me to be the favorite of the fortune. They say I am successful in everything. I enjoy traveling. I visited more than 15 countries. I am involved into tennis and fitness, as I want not only me but also my beloved man to like my figure. I am fond of cooking and think that I am a lover of good food. I am an accomplished personality and mother. I have a wonderful daughter and our relationship is warm and trusting. To be an accomplished wife is left, that is why I would like to meet a man who would be my reliable support, my true friend and beloved husband. I want to be involved into honest, trusting, sincere relationship. I want my man to be my one and only in my life and in my turn I will be the only lady for him.

WhatsApp number Elena +7 (925) 123-42-5