1 Russian dating websites from Belgorod

I am very sociable, cheerful and outgoing. I enjoy mixing up with friends, and invite guests to my house.

I feel that my heart and soul long to have someone to share my life with. I dream to find my other half and lavish him, and care for him. I also must say that I have weakness for children. I love my son dearly and if it is Gods wish, I would wish to have more children. Because children are something that seal family life with a kiss. I enjoy many things. Sport plays important part in my life. I enjoy swimming, fitness, skiing. I enjoy everything exciting and challenging.

I also spend a lot of my time reading, learning from books, studying the past of the people and trying to glance into future. I am looking for a kind, caring man who walks along this life with a smile on his face and a useful load that is called life experience. I wish him to be ambitious, to know what he wants in his life and know how to obtain what he wants and fulfill his dreams. Maybe together we will make our dreams come true? Together it will be much more simple. I hope that he will be honest with himself and with others, possess the feeling of measure, be a big romantic and hopelessly in love with me.