1 Free dating Russian woman from Moscow

I am communicable. I am self-confident. I adore communicating with clever people.

I try to pay attention to the people who need it. Sometimes I can get nervous but generally speaking I am calm. I calm down very quickly. The most important thing for me is family. My mother is the dearest person in the world for me. I like children very much. I think that the main task for the woman is to become a good wife and mother. It is also important for a woman to realize herself. I am speaking both about family and profession. I write verses. I adore reading literature. I am fond of reading philosophical books they make me change many stereotypes. I enjoy reading English books in the original. I like to cook national dishes. I also make things with the help of my hands. I like to dance.

I like to communicate with people. I like picnics. I have recently found out that I am interested in different types of designs. I like to wear beautiful clothes. I pay much attention to fashion. I like to make photos and I like to be photographed. I like to make experiments. The man must be self-confident, strong, honest, vivacious and responsible. The man must know what he wants from life and from a woman. The man must be decent and he must respect a woman. The ideal man must let his wife be weak and capricious but at the same time it is dangerous to let a woman too much. The main thing is to respect and trust your partner. The man must be passionate.