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Hello from Odessa, I’ve got a common Russian name Elena. Elena and Alenushka are very common characters of Russian fairy-tales. I was born in Odessa region and now live and work in Odessa. I am 26 years old. I’ve got many friends, however good and faithful friends can’t be many. I believe in our proverb: Don’t have 100 roubles but have 100 friends. Many people say that I am kind and sympathetic. I love cooking, traveling and growing indoor plants very much and I go in for sports. I adore pets, they always become family members. I love our hero-city, resort city located at the coast of the Black Sea. Many people come here to take a rest and not only in summer but in any season of the year. I have a small son, he is 4 and he takes after me very much. I try paying as much attention as possible to him.

I am a calm and well-balanced person in my nature. I like reading (I try to read books in English). I have a good knowledge about Russian literature. I like going in for sports. I go to a swimming pool, ice-skate and ski. I am a good cook. I like to keep my house clean and tide. I have a big flat in Moscow and little house in the suburbs near Moscow. I like watching good movies. I am an admirer of Andrey Tarkovsky. I like music of Chris Rea, Carlos Santana and Sting. I enjoy classical music as well, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi. I graduated from a musical school. I played the piano. I enjoy going to fine art galleries. I like traveling. I have been to Turkey, Spain and England. I also travel around Russia. I like visiting St. Petersburg. I try to spend a lot of time with my children. I devote a lot of time to their education. My daughter speaks English fluently. She also studies French. My son studies English. They both go to school. Upon leaving school my daughter will stay in Russia as she is going to university in Moscow. I try to improve my English. I attended language courses. Now I am going to have lessons with a private tutor. We love animals. An old cat Tom lives in our house. I would like to meet a calm, balanced man loving children. A man, who is able to accept life as it is with some irony. His appearance is not is matter of importance. The most important thing for him is to be a kind person.