• About me

God gave to a man and a woman bright, beautiful and huge world. But when a person is alone, the world doesn’t seem like this to him. Only a loved person, a family and children can give strengths, protection and confidence. I am independent and intelligent woman. I can work, and I have achieved much by myself. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances. I can rejoice and dance. I like to travel and to read about automobiles. But so far my dream hasn’t come true – I haven’t met my only one yet. A Teddy bear lives in my room. Only to him I confide in joys and sadness, I always ask for a piece of advice from him. Together we dream about a big, friendly and strong family. How tasty and merry we will dine, how interesting our Sunday walks will be, how warm and cozy will be our family evenings. We will have all this for sure. It’s not important for me what country my man will live, with him I’ll feel good anywhere. I like men with dark hair, but beauty isn’t the main quality which a man should possess. Intelligence, passion for profession, sense of humor and activity is more important to him. In men I value readiness to help and wish to become a support for me and our children. I dream to meet a man who’s aiming at creation a strong family and who can secure a deserving life for us and our children. I will be very glad if he has friends and close people. I am interested in men, who like sports, who are physically strong, with healthy attitude to life and sex. I think sex is an important part in relationship between a man and a woman, the basis of understanding and harmony, faithfulness and devotedness of partners. Love of a beloved man saves from troubles and sorrows. Happy sex is desire and beautiful children.
ukraine woman Nikolaevukraine woman Nikolaevukraine woman Nikolaev