1 Beautiful russian women photo from Orenburg

I am confident, reliable person.I am loyal girl, I will never cheat on my man and I have never betrayed anybody. I can say that I am one-man woman. I am kind and caring person, I like to help people.
I am very hard working girl and I do everything in this world which depends on me.I like to do everything with 100 per cents.My heart is tender and kind, I am very loving girl. My friends can describe me as honest, responsible and friendly person. I am outgoing and just happy girl. I adore traveling because I like to learn something new about new people,new cultures. I am fond of reading books because reading is like a road which leads you to knowledges.I am very interested in such sports as tennis, basketball and voleyball.I am very active person and that is why I like active kind of sports. I like listening to music, it gives me much energy.I like such music as pop music, soft rock and just classical music.I like to dance and sing, I am very creative person. I dream to find a man who is willing to create a family and devote a lot of his time to his own family. My man should be kind,affectionate and loving. I would like my man also to be interested in traveling, reading. It would be great if my man could be active, energetic. I would like my future husband to be romantic, caring.I am looking for one-woman man, a man, who will be loyal to me and never will cheat on me.