I am a very sweet young lady who is fond of life a lot! I am a very generous and a hardworking young lady. I like when people pay much attention at me and spend a lot of time with me. I love to socialize and to be with my friends! Life offers so many things and I like to enjoy it a lot! I have a lot of interests, they are going to the gym, going to the sea side, I like to dance a lot, I used to go in for dances professionally. I like to go to the swimming pool and to swim! I like to take care of my dog and to train my dog! I am searching for a man who will treat me like a lady and who will spend a lot of time with me. I need a loving man who is able to be faithful and to enjoy this life with me! he should be active, should have a lot of various interests. It would be nice if he is fond of sports! I don’t need a superman, I just need a loving man!